My hypocrisy knows no bounds IPod

So guess what I am asking for Christmas?  An IPod Gen 5.5 80 GB.  This after I went on a huge rant about how I would never buy from Apple again and how they sucked.  Well, after I calmed down here is the throught process that changed my mind:

  • The $100 FM modulator for my Ipod that I own.
  • The $30 Sports Kit for the Ipod
  • The $40 in software programs for the Ipod.
  • Itunes is pretty easy and awsome.
  • 80 GB v 30 GB for the Zune (Can put my whole music collection and a lot of videos on the Ipod)
  • UnDRMing all of my Itunes music.  (Probally about 20 albums and a lot of tv shows)
  • Going up to Jimmy Pell and making fun of his 40 GB Ipod.  (Jimmy made fun of my 30GB ipod)
  • The fact that I sold my broken Ipod on ebay for $130
  • The fact that the Ipod is only $350

This time I am getting the warranty.  I still think what apple did sucks but they still have the best product on the market as of now.