Treo 680 Review









The Neutral

The format of the phone is like the Treo 700 available for Verizon and Sprint.  The Green button is not a power button but more like an execution button.  Move your cursor over a phone number and click on it and it will dial the number.  The Red button is the on and off button.  The menu button is at the button right hand corner of the phone.  I have not noticed the battery life being any longer.  All my software that worked on the 650 works on the 680, although I have heard the TomTom Navigator 6 does not work with the 680 because the software cannot identify the phone.  The version 5 works like a charm.

The Bad

Instead of having 5 pages of favorites, you only have one and there is only one column.   There is no reset so you have to take the battery out if the phone locks.   

The Good

There is no antenna and I have not noticed any change in reception.  Without the antenna, it is much easier to fit in your pocket.  It is a lot easier to get to the call log.   The square keys make typing much easier.  Your memory card is now on the side and is closed in so it can't accidently pop out.  I think Documents To Go is free witht the phone which includes Word, Excel and PDF.  I had just purchased it for $50 for Palm 650.  At Cingular, the 680 only costs $200 (after $100 mail in rebate) with a 2 year contract.  If you spend over $75 a month on your bill, Cingular will let you out of your contract after a year. 


I had to get the 680 because my 650 died after 2 years of wonderful service.  If my 650 worked fine, I would not buy the 680.  The 750W should be out for Cingular now, but there is no release date from the 750P and no one is sure if there will even be one.