Well it usually passes.  It is not going.  Yesterday I was trying to finish a large project for a client with a certain type of legal software.  This software does not handle dual monitors that well.  It works fine when you are using the two monitors, but when you switch to a single one, it still leaves icons on the phantom second monitor.  I have to leave where I was, stop by a friends with a monitor, to move all my icons back to where they should be, and then travel back to my work location.  The change did not work and I ended up having to go back to my office to finish the project.  I was up very late. 

I go swimming this morning.  I love swimming and since I missed Monday, I was really looking forward to today.  Well, I get to the pool and all the lanes are in use.  I could share lanes but I hate it.  I end up spending all my time trying not to crash it the other person.  (I am not that coordinated).  I wait for 20 minutes and a lane opens up.  I get in so does a man who just got there. He was very nice and asked if I mined sharing lanes, which I said "no, of course not".  Obviously he was not that into trying not to hit the other person because on my second lap, he switched sides of the lane and crashed head into me, which startled the hell out of me and I ended up somehow ripping my goggles in half.  He got his lane to himself and fatboy went home.