Resurrection Run

Been a little late in my postings.  I am having a busy but profitable work season.  This should have gone out two Sundays ago:


Well, I did it on Sunday, 15.75 miles.  The first 11 miles were very easy.  The last 5 were hard.  I was dead afterwards and had trouble walking a little on Monday.  Tuesday was a lot better and I ran my usual 8.4 which was hard but I never walked.  I have started to use a hydration pack while running.  Camel Bak's Catalyst is lightweight and out of the way.  On my longer runs I will have to stop to fill it up.  I plan on running the 15.75 to the end of the month.  I will probably cap it at 18 for the summer months.  August will be 20, September will be 22 and October I will run a 23 or 24.  This will change if I do not get into New York and have to do DC.