Designated driver service to start

This is from the Daily Report today

A new service that will drive South Baton Rouge partygoers home safely is scheduled to start in the next week. Zingo Designated Drivers will arrive at local bars and restaurants on folding motorbikes, then for $20 drive tipsy patrons home in their own vehicle, with the scooters folded up in the trunk. After they take the customers home, the Zingo drivers will unfold the motorbike and leave. Mitch Poche, who is starting the local business with Tommy Spinosa III, says there are similar operations in cities such as Atlanta, Dallas and Orlando, Fla. "This is a responsible decision for people to use," Poche says. "This isn't going to be a drunk wagon so people can drink until they black out." Baton Rouge is a party town, with not a lot of public transportation options, so Poche says he thinks Zingo can fill a niche. The motorbikes can only go about 35 mph, so the company will have a limited service area that includes Perkins Road and Tigerland bars. Zingo will start with five drivers, but Poche hopes to have as many as 10 in the next few months. --Timothy Boone


I hope you have a big trunk because I am going to put my bike in it!