Top 5 WiFi Spots in Baton Rouge

I work very long hours.  If I went to get some more work done after 5pm, it not going to be at the office or my house.  Here my favorite place to work in Baton Rouge


1. Highland Coffees

Great atmosphere and good coffee.  It is very easy to feed off the energy in there. 

WiFi:  Flaky

Drink of Choice: Granita

2.   Perks

Like Highland Coffees but smaller and more intimate. 

WiFi: Great

Drink of Choice: Granita

3. The Chimes

Do people actually work at the Chimes?  I head over there at 11pm when Highland Coffees closes.  There is always another guy on his laptop.  Sometimes he passes out.  I never have,  yet. 

WiFi: Good

Drink of Choice: Abita Jackamo

4. The Varsity

Monday is a good time to get some work done and see a movie.  Again, I will go over there after the Highland Coffees closes.  Also, you can hear Clark yelling all the time.

WiFi: Bad

Drink of Choice: Depends on Drink Special

5. Charlie's Coffees on Perkins

I tend to shy away from chains but you can stay for along time and order a sandwich.  The tables are nice to spread out your stuff if you can find one. 

WiFi:  Good and they also have wired connections

Drink of Choice:  Banana Smoothie