Top 5 WiFi Spots in New Orleans

Since I live in New Orleans half the week, I have been trying to find some great places to work.

1.  rue de la course - magazine st

Hands down my favorite coffee shop in New Orleans.  I am usually at the Magazine location on Wed and Thursday.  The Coffee is great and it stays open to 12am. 

2. The balcony bar - magazine st

After work, its nice to grab a beer, sit on the balcony and answer email.  Nothing beats the view or the happy hour specials.

3. Yogurt - Maple St

Its nice to grab a wrap and sit on the street and work.  They just encrypted their WiFi, which sucks because I used to sit in the Starbucks and use it.

4. St. Charles Street Car

When I am going to be downtown the whole day I usually take the street car into the CBD.  From Louisiana on, I can grab the earthlink WiFi and answer emails.  The connection is very unstable but I can get emails in and out.

5.  ???  I need to find a good restaurant like the chimes that it acceptable to work on a laptop.  I tried to do this in Cooter Browns, which has WiFi and everyone looked at me like I was nuts.  I pulled my laptop out at the Rusty Nail and some punk made a smart ass comment.  I thought about smashing my laptop into his face which is why I have taken the nail out of the running.  The search continues...