Iron a Shirt the Right Way

Nine Tips for Professional Results:
  1. Make sure your iron is hot enough for your fabric but not hotter. A too cool iron will not remove all the wrinkles, and one that is too hot can scorch or otherwise damage your fabric. Delicate fabrics may need to be ironed using a press cloth. A clean white flour-sack dishtowel will work.
  2. Use spray starch for extra crispness, but be aware that a heavily starched shirt may wrinkle more when worn and be uncomfortable as well. Use a light touch with spray starch for best results.
  3. Take your time. Hurrying can cause you to make mistakes.
  4. Keep a spray bottle of water handy. If you accidentally iron in a big wrinkle, lightly spray it with water, wait a minute or so and iron the area again.

  5. Keep the iron moving every few seconds when it’s on the fabric. You don’t want to scorch or burn a hole in your shirt.
  6. Don’t press a shirt that is not clean. Ironing a stain may set it in.
  7. Use the tip of the iron to work around buttons and the placket on the sleeves.
  8. When you’re finished ironing, empty the water from your iron while the iron is hot. This will reduce the moisture that remains in the water compartment. Allow the iron to cool before you put it away.
  9. Keep your ironing board pad clean and in good condition. Damage to the pad may transfer to your garments.