Free Transcribed Voicemail for iPhone and Droid

One of the worst feelings in the world is to walk out of a 12-15 hour day of work and see that you have 20 voicemails on your phone.  Quite demoralizing, but years ago I found a product called phonetag which transcribed all of my voicemails for me and sent them to me as an email.  It worked extremely well and it allowed my assistant to check my messages and put out fires while I was working with clients.

I have discovered a similar service called Yap which basically does the same thing, but is free.  When I get a Voice Mail,  it is transcribed and sent to me as an email with an audio attachment of the vm in case the transcription had problems. 


There is also an app on the iphone which shows all your messages as well.  I like this because I can see how many people have left voice messages without having to go through all my email.  After using this product I can say the transcription is about as good as phonetag’s and again the service is free.  Hard to beat that.  For now it works on the iPhone and the Droid.