Questions and Answers about Spotify


Do I need and Invite?

No if you want to fork over $4.99 you can join right now.  Spotify has been available in Europe, it just became available in the US. 

How much does it cost?

Premium is $9.99,  Unlimited is $4.99.  I got the Premium because it allows offline syncing to the iPhone and PC and has better bit rates. 

What sort of Music is available on Spotify?

Almost everything I could want.  They have Trombone Shorty but no Kermit Ruffins.  I just downloaded the new Foo Fighters,  Mumford and Sons and Muse.

Does Spotify Suck as much as ITunes?

No,  it uses less memory and plays songs faster.  It did crash a couple of times when I first starting using it, but I was importing a large amount of data into ITunes and on my Iphone.  I also made sure to exclude it from Virus Scanning.

Will Spotify Replace Pandora?

I don’t think so.  I will still use Pandora to find new music. 

Can Spotify play Music that has DRM?

No, You will need to un-drm it.  You can either burn to a CD and reimport or use ITunes Plus to un-drm it.  In the Itunes Store, it is under Quick Links.  It cost $0.30 a song to un-drm it and gives you a better bit quality.  This would only come up if you had bought music that is not is Spotify’s catalogue.

Will Spotify Wirelessly Sync music that you have that it does not have?

Yes, it will, unless the music has DRM.  If it does see the question above.  This has got to be one of the best features.  No more wired Sync and no need to open up Itunes to Sync

Will Spotify work in iPhone Apps like Nike Plus, Alarm Clock, ect?

No, Spotify does not use the internal Iphone Music, therefore you can not use spotify tracks with apps  Hopefully Spotify becomes really popular and this changes.

Will Spotify work with an FM modulator for your car, or a dock to a stereo system?


Are the Beatles on Spotify?

No, but the Beatles are the most money grubbing, corporate, greedy, establishment, fascist band in the entire world.  Imagine a world that when ever you mention the Beatles in conversation, you would have to pay them Royalties.  It is easy if you try.  

How does Spotify make any money?

No clue, it does seem to good to be true. 

Can I completely Replace Itunes?

Almost.  I wont use Itunes anymore to listen to music on my computer, instead I will use Spotify.  I will still need to sync some songs, like my DJay Playlists and Running Playlists to use with Apps on my Iphone. 

Can I stream it to my Apple TV or Roku?

Not yet, but I jail broke my apple tv and there seems to be some convoluted way of getting it to work.  I am hoping that Roku adds something official.