How to Avoid the Mobile 1-10 Tunnel Traffic

I am lucky enough to be spending the 4th at the beach in Ft. Morgan, AL.  Heading east on 1-10 can be problematic,  especially around Mobile where people cannot seem to go faster than 25 miles through 1-10 tunnel.  Since I do a fair amount of consulting work in Mobile, I have learned to avoid this bottle neck.image

When traffic starts to bunch up before the tunnel,  move to the  third lane.  The two left lanes are going to combine into one,  which causes further congestion.  Get off at Canal / Water Street (Downtown Mobile)  and take a right onto the US 90 which is the older tunnel. 


Once you are through the tunnel, make sure 1-10 is clear before getting back on it.  If there is still a lot a traffic after the tunnel,  stay on Battleship Parkway over the entire bay.