The River

On Friday, Mayor Holden closed the Levee to civilian traffic at 7am.  I decided to take one last ride and exactly at 7am, the police nicely asked everyone to leave.

The picture is the right next to the Vet School on Nicholson Dr. 


This was the same area at the beginning of March.  It is now under water.








These are the Tiger Dams.  As you can see they only add about a foot extra. 



Great Place for Dogs in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge has several Dog Friendly areas, the most popular being the Raising Canes Dog Park by the University Lakes.  However it is not a total relaxing experience as I am constantly on guard attempting to breakup fights and fornication. 


This past weekend I was riding my bike on the Mississippi River Levee towards downtown when I noticed a vast open space that had a couple with their two labs. 


It is a pretty perfect location because it is blocked in by brush on 3 sides and no easy dog access to the river. 



As long as the water stays low, this will probably be our weekend destination.  When the river is high, this entire area is underwater. 



Its hard to beat the view at sunset.


“Hot Art, Cool Nights”

The fifth annual Baton Rouge Mid City Merchants sponsored spring art hop, “Hot Art, Cool Nights”, will be held on Friday night, May 9, 2008, from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

I went with Ashley last year and had a blast.  I actually ended up buying some art.  I wish I could go this year but will be in New Orleans.  There is free drinks, so no excuse not to go.

Top 5 WiFi Spots in Baton Rouge

I work very long hours.  If I went to get some more work done after 5pm, it not going to be at the office or my house.  Here my favorite place to work in Baton Rouge


1. Highland Coffees

Great atmosphere and good coffee.  It is very easy to feed off the energy in there. 

WiFi:  Flaky

Drink of Choice: Granita

2.   Perks

Like Highland Coffees but smaller and more intimate. 

WiFi: Great

Drink of Choice: Granita

3. The Chimes

Do people actually work at the Chimes?  I head over there at 11pm when Highland Coffees closes.  There is always another guy on his laptop.  Sometimes he passes out.  I never have,  yet. 

WiFi: Good

Drink of Choice: Abita Jackamo

4. The Varsity

Monday is a good time to get some work done and see a movie.  Again, I will go over there after the Highland Coffees closes.  Also, you can hear Clark yelling all the time.

WiFi: Bad

Drink of Choice: Depends on Drink Special

5. Charlie's Coffees on Perkins

I tend to shy away from chains but you can stay for along time and order a sandwich.  The tables are nice to spread out your stuff if you can find one. 

WiFi:  Good and they also have wired connections

Drink of Choice:  Banana Smoothie