Hi My Name is Craig and I work at a Bar

Still no power at my house.  No work has been done in out neighborhood.  I am not mad at Entergy at all, they have a huge job to do and they are working as hard as they can.  The latest estimate will be 9/17/2008 to we have power.  That will have been  without power for 17 days.  Again, no complaints, the storm was a big deal but you would think that it would be a bigger story on the national news.       

Did a newsletter to clients on experiences during the storm.  You can view it here: http://www.lawot.com/Newsletters/hosted.htm

I spend the morning working at Perks, and the afternoon working at Chelseas.  They have even given me my own corner at the bar at Chelseas to work at. 

You can get MREs and Tarps and water from FEMA on Siegen Ln. 

12:00 PM - More trees and limbs down


There is a live power line around South Eugene and Zeeland St.  The gust have really picked up now.  A couple of more major limbs down around the Garden District.  It is safe enough to go out now, but we will head back to the house soon. 

Here we go again!!!


Looks like Baton Rouge will take a direct hit.  Everyone is pretty calm but the traffic is horrible and the lines for gas are around the corner. 

I have been in Baton Rouge this week except for a brief trip to Monroe to speak for the Louisiana State Bar Association.  I went to the LSU game on Saturday which was at 10am.  It was hot, but I would say the stadium was 70% full.  I am not going to make any statements like I pretty much hurricane proofed the house, because the last two trees in my yard would probably crash into it.  I purchased a wireless card from AT&T on Friday so I should have Internet even if we lose power. 

I am very happy that I moved the office to hosted exchange and sharepoint.  I don't have to worry about backups or the system going down. 

Will keep you posted!!!