Running Arm Bands


Most of the running armbands for the iphone require you to remove the device from one case and enter it into another.  After doing this daily for months, something breaks.  After going through about 4 arm bands, I finally found a unique solution from a company called Marware.  Their Sports Shell is actually 2 products; an arm band and a case with a kickstand that allows it to stand up on flat surfaces. 


The kickstand part clips into the arm band and allows you to run with ease.  I am not comfortable enough with myself to clip my phone to my belt, but I find it extremely useful to clip the phone to the inside of my pocket or to display on my desk.  While it cost around $50 on the manufactures website, you can get if for $20.00 from      

Running in the Rain


Two football seasons ago,  I drove in from New Orleans and hit the lakes at 5:30am.  Around 3 miles into my run with 3.4 to go I got hit by a torrential down pour that I knew was coming.  I had not run the lakes  in 4 months and I knew I would be to exhausted on Sunday.  After my run, I spend the 6 hours at the Varsity with my iphone in a bowl of rice.  It did not make it.  Now,  I check the weather and look outside before I run.  If I see there is a chance of rain,  I will switch to the armband I use in the pool.


The amphibix waterproof armband will prevent a drop of water from hitting your phone.  I also have the underwater headphones but I only use those when I swim.  I do have to remove the Malware case to use it,  but it is better then ruining a good phone.  The armband is bulky but I stop noticing it after the first mile.   

FitBit Update




How does the sleep tracking work and what will I learn?

It's important that you get a good night's sleep. Recent studies have shown that sleep quality is linked to overall wellness. Have you ever wondered why you still feel tired even though you think you've gotten a full 8 hours of sleep? The Fitbit Tracker will allow to "see" what your body is actually doing at night.

When you get into bed, you slide the Fitbit Tracker onto a wristband that is provided with the Tracker. As you fall in and out of sleep, the Fitbit tracks the movements that your body makes and can tell you how long it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up throughout the night and the actual time you were asleep vs the time you were in bed.

Does the Fitbit accurately track calories from cycling/biking?

The Fitbit is optimized for walking, running and general household/lifestyle activities and gives you a good general 24 hour picture of your day. It's not going to be that accurate for things like biking, but the website will allow you to manually log activities, so that an estimated calorie burn for your biking can be included in your daily totals. If you are only doing the biking for an hour or so a day, the Fitbit will give you a good overview of your activities for the other 23 hours. The Fitbit is really for people to get a general sense of their day and get motivation from improvements in their general day to day trends.

FitBit, The Best Gadget of 2010


You keep this item clipped on you at all times.


It has an arm band you wear to bed.  You can see that I woke up at 6am and 7am and then went back to bed.


I enter how much water I drink during the day.  Pretty important since I have started running again. 



Ran 10:30 to 11:30.  It is reflected here. 

Running Using the Nike Run

I use my IPOD Touch Generation 2.0 for a lot of things, included running.  I purchased the Nike Sensor to add Mizuno Wave Creations running shoes.  Every time I run, it records my distance and pace.  I have found it amazingly accurate. 

Since Nike records all of my runs and sends it to its website, it is very easy to track your distance and times to compete with other people.  This is great motivation to get in shape and keep in touch with friends that have moved far away.    


Staten Island Run

Resurrection Run

Been a little late in my postings.  I am having a busy but profitable work season.  This should have gone out two Sundays ago:


Well, I did it on Sunday, 15.75 miles.  The first 11 miles were very easy.  The last 5 were hard.  I was dead afterwards and had trouble walking a little on Monday.  Tuesday was a lot better and I ran my usual 8.4 which was hard but I never walked.  I have started to use a hydration pack while running.  Camel Bak's Catalyst is lightweight and out of the way.  On my longer runs I will have to stop to fill it up.  I plan on running the 15.75 to the end of the month.  I will probably cap it at 18 for the summer months.  August will be 20, September will be 22 and October I will run a 23 or 24.  This will change if I do not get into New York and have to do DC. 

Weight Wars - Feburary

Last Week:  Clark 191 Craig 220  Brandon ???

End of Month: Clark 188 Craig 217  Brandon 235

Month Loss: Clark -15  Craig -12 Brandon -8

Total Loss:  Clark -18  Craig -31 Brandon -8

Race around the lakes Saturday between 1 and 2 PM.

Weight Wars Month Week 4

Weight Wars Month 2 Week 4
Last Week:  Clark 192 Craig 223  Brandon ???
This Week: Clark 191 Craig 220  Brandon ???
Week Loss:  Clark -1  Craig -3 Brandon ???
Month Loss: Clark -11  Craig -9 Brandon ???


Looks like there will be a race around the lakes this week!!!

Weight Wars Week 4

Last Week:  Clark 196  Craig 229
This Week:  Clark 198  Craig 227

Total Loss:  Clark -8  Craig -21

Weight in for this month is on Wednesday.  I can taste that Cowboy Ribeye right now.  Brandon is going to join Weight Wars in February.  I think we will have to tighten up to take down Dufrene.

Weight Wars Week 3

Last Week:  Clark 198  Craig 235
This Week:  Clark 196  Craig 229

Total Loss:  Clark -10   Craig -19

Ran The Big Kahuna (8.2 miles) before the saints game.  I think clark is in trouble.

Weight Wars Week 2

Last Week:  Clark 200  Craig 235
This Week:  Clark 198  Craig 235

Total Loss:  Clark -8   Craig -13

I was not that disappointed that there was no loss for me, considering that I lost 13 pounds the prior week.  I decided to start using the punching bag again and put the gloves on Tuesday Night.  Unfortunately, there was a spider nest in one of them and I got bit.  Swelling went down after an hour so I will start up again this week with some cleaned out gloves. 

Weight Wars 2007

Clark and I are locked in an epic stuggle against each other to see who can lose the most weight.  On Monday Jan 1st Clark weighed in at 206 and I at 247.  The next sunday Clark weighed 200 losing 6 pounds and I weighed 235 losing 13.  Here are the rules:

  • Every Sunday at 5pm Clark and Craig will be weighed in.
  • At the end of the month, the person who lost the most weight gets a free Ruth Chris Cowboy Ribeye (A 39.95 value)  from the person who lost the least weight.
  • If the weight lost is within 3 pounds the loser can challange the winner to a race around the lakes to reclaimm the prize.
  • No fried foods, no apps and only 2 drinks per night.
  • If you break any of these rules you must eat 20 McRibs.

Elizabeth made a huge poster that hangs in our house with a chart about our weight.  When I lose all this weight and people ask me how, I can say it was for Clark, instead of a girl or for health reasons.